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Mystic Raven

Current Chapter Chief:

Luke Travis

Past Chapter Chiefs:

Trevor Sondgerath 2021

Micah Marner/Garin Marshall 2020

Mystic Raven is a merger of Running Antelope and Kodiak Chapters.  It serves the Alpine District.

The chapter meets on the 1st Thursday of the month at 7 pm at

The Council Office 


A new service project that we now offer is to provide the track and people to run Pinewood Derbys for those Packs that do not own their own track and system. We can handle check-in, the track, the timing, and an MC for the event. We have successfully run events for 2 packs and are scheduled to run the Alpine District Derby on April 4. We will have a flyer soon. And we offer our services to any Pack within Alpine District at this time. We will have more to say as soon as the Derby Chair and Communications Chair finish producing the material and the rules.

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