Vigil Members

Alertness to the needs of others is the mark of the Vigil Honor. 

It calls for an individual with an unusual awareness of the possibilities within each situation.  

The Vigil Honor is the highest honor that the Order of the Arrow can bestow upon its members

for service to the lodge, council, and Scouting.

Gathering of the Vigils

October 10-11, 2020

Charles S. McNeil Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch

Saturday 10/11/2020

8:30PM check-in/fellowship

9PM Vigil Cracker Barrel

10PM Vigil Gathering Ceremony

10:30PM Vigil Begins

Sunday 10/12/2020

7AM Vigil Ceremony at Sunrise

8AM Check out

COVID 19 Rules and Restrictions click here


  • Be currently registered with both the Denver Area Council and Tahosa Lodge.

  • Registrations will be verified prior to the selection meeting.

  • Be a Brotherhood Member for at least 2 years at the time of the selection.

  • Be known to have rendered exceptional service, personal efforts and unselfish interest to the Order and to Scouting and is currently active in such a manner as to warrant belief that the candidate will continue such extraordinary service in the future.

Vigil Nominations are due no later than November 3, 2020.

Vigil 2021 Candidates

Grey Wolf

Albrecht, Samuel

Arnold, Paul

Asphaug, Rolf

Barber, Colin

Bernstein, Joshua

Carlson, Ron

Cordova, Johnny

Dawson, John C

Hawkins, Joy

Kavalec, Carter

Kavalec, David J

Laughlin, John

Mahaffy, Lorrence "Scott"

Meilahn, Carl W

Mills, Glen C

Moore, David A

Ober, Mike

O'Brien, Bradley J

Oliver, Scott

Ostravich, Greg

Patton, Dirk

Patton, Michael

Pettee, Owen

Roszelle, Wayne O

Schwall, Brendan

Schwall, Joseph

Shields, Nicholas

Sonnenfeld, Bruce

Van Horne, William

Williams, William

Wilson, Spring

Medicine Pipe

Abbato, Mike

Abbato, Zachary

Berg, Collin

Bushnell, Jeremy

Byrd, Rick L

Erickson, Gavin

Ernst, Evan

Flanagan, John Anthony

George, Joe D

Hall, Chris D

Huffman, Steven A

Larson, Russ

Metcalf, Duane

Meyer, Rickey

Monax, Paul

Nishida, Joel

Phillips, Ryan

Ramirez, Enrique B

Reynolds, David

Reynolds, Mayer

Underhill Jr, James C

Zobel Jr, Jon D

Zobel, Michael

Zobel, Robert J

Mystic Raven

Adams, Nate

Bognar, Mike

Carlson, Drew

Carman, Robert

Cathcart II, James A

Centeno, Marcus

Craven, Conner

Crouse, Benjamin

Crouse, John P

Dendinger, Stephen

Fager, Bob

Fitzjarrell, Brendan

Graf, Heather

Graf, Nathaniel P

Graf, Spencer

Gutierrez, Arturo

Harpham, Steve

Harpham, Taylor

Harrell Sr, Richard

Harris, Kent H

Harrison, Charles S

Hovey, Camren

Johnson, Corey D

Johnson, Scott E

Jones, Roger L

Marner, Micah

McAninch, Brian D

McAninch, Terry L

Nelson, Jeff

Newcomb, Doug D

Panzer, David

Romig, David

Romig, Richard

Scheideman, Susan E

Schultz, Mark V

Shoup, William

Smith, William K

Svoboda, Larry

Swanson, Hal D

Thabault, Michael G

van der Heydt, Philip

Von Kaenel, Alex

Von Kaenel, Mike

Wojniak, Janet

Wojniak, Philip

Wojniak, Stanley

Wojniak, Wayne S

Wyscaver, Thomas L

Yexley, Steve

Medicine Bear

Alvarez, Corrie

Beyer, Brian

Bottrell, Brendan

Dawson, Art

Gill, Liam

Gillogly, Brian

Hatheway Jr, James L

Hatheway Sr, James L

Kuemmerle, James

Kuemmerle, Owen

Ridgeway, Kenny

Rowe, Phil

Schwartz Jr, William

Thomas, Evan

Wartman, Brandon

Wasserburger, Mike


Bair, Andrew

Bair, Michael

Curtis, Adam

Curtis, Tate

Howard, Richard S

Howard, Stuart

Kattnig, Johnathan

McPhail, Eric H

McPhail, Gage

Morris, Kenanaiah

Nance, Eric

Youmans, Vince

White Buffalo

Brown, Brian

Dory, Andrew S

Holt, Andrew A

Keithley, Livingston

Kleinheksel, Georgia S

Koalenz, Susan M Steele

Kubin, Chuck

Matchett, Robert

Mays, Cathy J

Mays, Jeremy

Merkling, John

O'Hara, Sean

Penka, Michael

Powell, Cindy A

Van Zytveld, Eric W

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