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Tahosa Lodge was chartered in 1948.  It serves the Central Colorado area and is the largest lodge in Colorado.  The name "Tahosa" translates to "Dwellers on the Mountain Tops" in the Kiowa language.  The lodge totem is a coney (Pika). Tahosa Lodge is divided into chapters, which corresponds with the council districts; Grey Wolf, Medicine Bear, Medicine Pipe, Mic-O-Say, Mystic Raven, and White Buffalo.






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Lodge Elections

Oct 20th

Fall Fellowship

& Lodge Elections

Nov 5-7

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Dates have been set for the make-up Fall Fellowship & Inductions. Nov 5th-7th, 2021
Emails with more info have been sent and more info to follow.
Happy to report no damage to camp from the fire. 
Thank you everyone for your flexibility.

Fall Fellowship

An Event 65 Million years in the making!  Sign up today to join Tahosa Lodge on our trip through Jurassic Park.   The Park is now ready for visitors! 

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