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Annual Membership Dues

Tahosa Lodge membership dues for 2024 are $25 for the year.     


As a reminder, you must be registered with the Greater Colorado Council to be a member of Tahosa Lodge, and dual membership in lodges is not allowed per National.

We ask that each member login to their member portal in Lodgemaster, update their membership information, and pay their membership dues from the link provided in the portal.  

Please check your spam/junk folder if you have not activated your member portal.  Please email if you need a new activation link. Lodge membership cards can be printed from your membership portal. 

If your time in scouting has come to an end, please email with the scout's name that is no longer active, and we will archive the account.

Those who encounter problems please email, and please pay with this link.

Members Transferring to Tahosa Lodge

If you are new to Tahosa Lodge and transferring from another Lodge, please complete this form, pay your dues at this link, and the administration team will be in touch with you.

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