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Tahosa Lodge Induction Teams

Elangomat Team

During every Ordeal, one or more Enlangomats are by your side the entire Ordeal. They work with you and guide you during every step. In the language of Lenni Lenape the word "Enlangomat" means "Friend". As an Enlangomat you will help out the candidates throughout their induction experience. You'll also help them take a step out of the unknown as their friend. Enlangomats volunteer to undergo the tests of the Ordeal again to help the next generation of Brothers enter the Order of the Arrow.

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Ceremonies Team

During every Ordeal, the Lodge requires many different people to help embody the principles of the Order of the Arrow, as well as people to help set up and do roles around the induction ceremonies. The Lodge is always looking for more dedicated members to help with the many different pieces of work that need to be completed in order to put the three ceremonies on in one weekend. Team members include drummers, set-up staff, principals, understudies, and more. 


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Bistro Team

As Scouts, we learn to camp a lot which means making and cooking many different meals out while camping. Our Bistro team is a team of cooks making delicious food eaten on each OA camping trip. The 18+ team works closely together the entire weekend to prepare Breakfast and Lunch on Saturday and our big feast on Saturday evening. They also make a delicious breakfast on Sunday morning. This team is strictly for our Adult/Youth-adult members of the OA (18+). 

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Other Teams

Every induction weekend takes everyones support. The three main teams listed below really make a different, though, there are many more roles that needed to be supported. Such of these roles include the Registration team, Parking Staff team, and much much more. 

If you are interested look for the general support Signup Genius when it comes up before an induction weekend.

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