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Induction Weekends

From our Lodge Chief

Dear Candidate,

Recently you were elected by members of your unit to become eligible for membership in the Order of the Arrow. The Order of the Arrow is a service organization dedicated to four purposes: Recognition of scouts and scouters who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law, development of camping traditions and spirit, promotion of the camping program and developing habits of helpfulness and leadership in scouts. Your election proves that you live up to the Scout Oath and Law and that you are indeed an honored camper. I offer you congratulations on behalf of your chapter and Tahosa Lodge. However, before becoming a member you must first undergo an Ordeal to test your worthiness. I look forward to getting to know you and welcoming you into our honored Order! 

Yours in the Brotherhood

Matthew Irsfeld

2022 Lodge Chief

What is a Fellowship?

The "Fellowship sequence" is at the heart of the Order of the Arrow. 

The purpose of the induction is to encourage and inspire Arrowmen in the ideals of the Order and Scouting. 

It is by this method that we also pass along our traditions.


Your induction began with your election by your fellow Scouts. 

They selected you for your dedication to the ideals of Scouting.

They look to you for leadership.  


The term "induction sequence" is used in recognition of the fact that events in our induction

must necessarily occur in a particular order, not at random. 

Following your election, you were called out. 

Next will come your Ordeal, it will begin with a pre-Ordeal ceremony,

and once completed, will end with an Ordeal ceremony.

What is an Ordeal ?

The Ordeal has a different meaning to each candidate who completes it.

It is a time of deep searching and high resolve; a unique opportunity to experience

all the richness and warmth of brotherhood. 

Candidates need this experience not only for their own benefit,

but also because their Obligation will require

unusual devotion to the work of bringing this spirit to their own Scout unit.


The purpose of the Ordeal is to have candidates reflect on their own Scout life and character, and to come to a deeper understanding of the Scout Oath and the principles of the Order. 

This purpose is realized through a fourfold Ordeal that

includes sleeping alone, silence, work, and a limited amount of food.

No hazing or endangerment of a Scout's safety is allowed.


Newly elected candidates for membership in the Order of the Arrow must complete the Ordeal and be inducted into the OA by the lodge that serves the council in which the unit is chartered. 

This allows the candidates to bond with their contemporaries as they go through the Ordeal and creates a positive leadership environment in which they can progress. 

Out-of-council Ordeals are not permitted.

2020 Elected Scouts

Scouts and Adults that were elected and nominated in 2020 are eligible to complete their Induction weekend during the 2022 year without having to be re-elected.  

Dates and Locations of Fellowships/Induction Weekends

Registration for All Fellowship Weekends are now open!

Spring Fellowship                                        May 7-9                     Charles S. McNeil Scout Ranch

Registration Closes May 2

Western Slope Spring Fellowship             June 4-6                   Fort Uncompagre Interpretive Center

Registration Closes May 30

Summer Fellowship                                    August 12-14           Camp Tahosa

Registration Closes August 8

Fall Fellowship                                             October 14th-16th       Charles S. McNeil Scout Ranch

Registration Closes October 9


Camp Cris Dobbins at Charles S. McNeil Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch

22799 N. Elbert Road, Elbert, CO  80106


Cost of the Weekend

The weekend costs $65 for the Ordeal Candidate, which covers your 2022 Lodge dues, the cost of the weekend (camping fee, food, insurance) and all of your new member materials (OA Sash, Lodge pocket flap, OA pocket ribbon, and OA handbook).

Important Medical Information

Copies of the OA Approved Medical Forms, and your insurance card are required for the weekend.  The OA keeps health forms for a year so please bring copies and not originals.  A full medical team will be onsite all weekend.


Schedule for the Weekend

Make sure to eat before you arrive at camp, as there will be no dinner on Friday night.  Check-in is between 6pm-8pm on Friday evening (Peaceful Valley check-in at Headquarters).  Pick up is at 10 AM on Sunday.  Candidates should plan on staying at camp until check-out, unless religious obligations require otherwise.


The Tahosa Lodge trading post will be open on Saturday night, if you are interested in purchasing any lodge items such as patches, shirts, hats, etc.  Credit and Debit cards are accepted.


For more information or questions about the Induction (ordeal) weekend, please email us

Camp Contacts

In the event you need to contact your scout at camp, please call the following:

Charles S. McNeil Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch - Scott Field 720-841-6887

Cell service is spotty and often unavailable.

What to Bring

Here is a list of what to bring for the weekend.  Packing the items in a backpack is suggested as there is hiking involved.  Arrive at camp Friday evening in your work clothes and a warm jacket. Click the link to print the list of "What to Bring"


Completed health forms                                            Backpack with gear loaded


Sleeping bag (appropriate for weather)                    Pad (self-inflating or closed cell foam)


Ground cloth or tarp (at least 7' x 9')                          Canteen/water bottle - full of water


10 essentials                                                                  Personal grooming items (toothbrush, towel, soap, etc)


Flashlight/head lamp                                                   Small notepad and pen


Work gloves                                                                  Hiking boots (no open toed shoes)


Tent (for Saturday night) and a ground cloth          Complete Class A uniform (merit badge sash not necessary)

or tarp so you can set up your tent on Friday          will be left in tent until Saturday dinner and evening activities

night (you can have a tent buddy but must

follow YPT)

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