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2024 Spring Inductions Weekend at Charles S. McNeil Scout Ranch at Peaceful Valley

May 3 @ 6:00 PM - May 5 @ 11:00 AM | Registration Closes April 28th

General Event Information:

Everyone will check in at their respective times at the Camp Cris Dobbins Headquarters building. OA signs will be on the road to guide you. All current members in the Order of the Arrow (OA) will begin checking in at 5:00 PM and Ordeal candidates will check in at 5:30 PM. Check-in closes at 6:45 PM. The earlier you arrive within the given slot the sooner you will be able to join the lodge in fellowship and fun activities! 


The event will conclude on Sunday at 11:00 AM. The weekend is full of many different service opportunities, staffing possibilities, and times for fellowship and activities. 


The Spring Induction weekend will be colder than the weather we have seen all week. Please prepare accordingly by bringing cold-weather clothing and cold-weather sleeping gear. Overnight temperatures are supposed to be in the low 30s and temperatures during the day on Saturday are expected to be in the mid-50s. Warm drinks will be available in addition to our normal ice water hydration stations. Please bring an insulated cup/mug with a lid to reduce waste. 


Like all events in Scouting pieces of paperwork are required;


A signed copy of the Scouts BSA Annual Medical Forms A & B completed with vaccination dates, Colorado Immunizations for Under 18, and a copy of your insurance cards are required for the weekend. The OA keeps health forms for the entire year- but no longer so please bring copies and not originals. The OA does not have access to the internet, email, printer, or copy machine at camp so please plan accordingly.  


As Annual Health Forms are required to be renewed, all 2023 Medical Forms are not on file. So as this is the first event of 2024 all Ordeal Candidates, Brotherhood Candidates, and OA members must bring their BSA medical forms. 


Ordeal Information and Friday Information:

All Ordeal Members should follow the Scouting motto of “Be Prepared” and come ready with all items listed on the “What to Bring Letter” attached below. Ensure you bring a tarp (another tarp as well as a ground cloth for your tent), your daypack with your 10 essentials, and work gloves and work gloves. 

This is a campout so please bring your tent and camping equipment such as a down sleeping bag, ground cloth, tent, and other essential items.


As a reminder:


All members and Ordeal candidates must be in the Dining Hall by 7:00 PM, so please plan to arrive at McNeil Scout Ranch with time to put up your tent and make your way to the Dining Hall. Everyone must be in attendance unless excused by the Lodge Chief or respective Vice Chiefs. And no dinner is served Friday evening so please plan accordingly. 


Tahosa Lodge’s amazing Trading Post will be open on Saturday so please bring extra money to spend there and pick up some Tahosa Lodge swag!

Brotherhood Candidate Information:


Brotherhood Candidates: This is an amazing opportunity to complete your brotherhood and become a full member of the Order of the Arrow. If you are eligible for Brotherhood, an email will be sent to you. For more information on the requirements and information that should be known before the weekend please visit the Brotherhood page on this website. All Brotherhood members will embark on a journey beginning Saturday morning and will culminate at the Brotherhood ceremony on Saturday evening. All Brotherhood Candidates will receive their brotherhood membership certificate as well as a Brotherhood sash. 


OA members that attend Friday-Sunday will get to camp for two (2) nights and will be provided Saturday Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Sunday Breakfast. 


OA members that attend Saturday will be provided, Saturday Lunch and Dinner.


Staffing Assignments and Information:


Want to provide cheerful service to the lodge and sign up for a staff position? Tahosa Lodge invites all OA members to attend and help out with anything small or big such as our Enlangomat teams, Ceremonies team, Registration team, Bistro team (18+), and more! Many hands make light work.


OA Induction Team Support

OA General Spring Fellowship Weekend Support

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to reach out to Tahosa Lodge’s administrative team


On behalf of the Lodge Executive Committee for 2024, we cannot wait to see you all out there at McNeil Scout Ranch to help out, achieve Brotherhood membership, or become a member of the Order of the Arrow!

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