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Spring Fellowship Weekend at Charles S. McNeil Peaceful Valley Scout Ranch

May 7 @ 5:00 pm - May 9 @ 11:00 am

Registration Closed May 2

An Event 65 Million years in the making!  Sign up today to join Tahosa Lodge on our trip through Jurassic Park.   The Park is now ready for visitors! 


Our adventure begins on Friday night with Staff check in starting at 5:00 pm, Ordeal and Brotherhood check in from 6pm to 7:30pm.  All survivors will check out on Sunday morning at 10:30 am. The Tourists aka Ordeal and Brotherhood members will complete Inductions Saturday morning.  Staff and general members will perform general  park preparations and upkeep.  Saturday afternoon and evening will include training, patch trading, a Survivor party and much more!  


Come prepared! All visitors to the park must bring the following:

Medical forms (just in case of a bite)

Tent and camping equipment 

Work clothes and gloves


Can you push the green button?  Are you better at Dinosaur supervising than Phil?  Sign up to be a Staff member.  We need Bistro members (Over 18), Elangomats to protect the Tourists, Ceremonialists to tame the Dinos, General staff members for Dinosaur feeding. Many hands make full dinosaurs, we mean light work!  Sign up here 


Staff are requested to arrive by 5:00 PM

Checkin for newly elected Ordeal Candidates and Brotherhood Candidates is from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM Friday evening at the Camp Cris Dobbins HQ.

The Ordeal Candidates and Brotherhood Candidates must arrive before 7:30 PM.

No Dinner is served Friday evening.

Checkout will be at 11:00 AM Sunday. All participants will be required to check out prior to departing.

All participants must bring a signed copy of the Scouting BSA form, Colorado Addendum, Over the Counter Med form and insurance card that will be on file with Tahosa Lodge for the year.

Medical Forms submitted in 2020 are NOT on file.

Ordeal Candidates – “Be Prepared” – print a copy of the “What to Bring Letter”

Bring some spending money to shop at the Tahosa Lodge Trading Post on Saturday evening.

Brotherhood Candidate (Friday to Sunday) – Is an Ordeal member for a minimum of 10 months that wants to Continue the Journey through the Brotherhood Ceremony. Includes 2 nights camping fee and insurance, meals (Saturday Breakfast through Sunday Breakfast) and a Brotherhood OA Sash.  Brotherhood candidates cannot serve as Elangomats!

OA Member (Friday to Sunday)  – includes 2 nights camping fee and meals (Saturday Breakfast through Sunday Breakfast)

Sign up here to help the lodge! Elangomats, Ceremonialists, Bistro and much more! 

OA Member (Saturday only) – includes Saturday Lunch and Dinner

Sign up here for the work crew - 

OA Members and Brotherhood Candidates need to be current with 2021 annual dues of $17.00. You can pay your dues while completing the registration for this event.

Registration for this event closes on May 2, 2021 at midnight.

No Late Registrations or walk-ins will be available due to COVID restrictions.

If you have any questions – email  us.

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