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Arrowmen of the Year

This award recognizes the Most Valuable Persons of the Lodge for each year!

2023 - Bryce Miller- Kate Patton - Charlie Mauro 
- Xander Athen - Brendan Schwall

2021 - Scott Wilson - Elena Ernst
2020 - Joseph Schwall - Spring Wilson
2019 - Paul Alvarez - Dan Shields

2018 - Andrew Pearson
2017 - Cam Grieser - Pattie Nortman
2016 - Ben Beese - Dana Smerchek
2015 - Thomas Nortman - Greg Holt
2014 - Max Pivonka - Tom Behnfield - Joey Quick
2013 - Conner Desmon - Stacy Mullen
2012 - Bryan Melonis - Bruce Kimmick
2011 - Keenan Kimmick - John Troe

Arrowman of the Year  

  • The Arrowman of the Year award is bestowed annually on one youth and one adult member

  • Nominees for Arrowman of the Year must be dues-paying lodge members who have demonstrated exceptional service to the Lodge during the previous year.

  • A member who had their 21st birthday during the year may be nominated in the youth category.

  • Any Lodge Member may nominate an Arrowman for this award.

  • Nominations will take the form of a written summary of the member's contributions to the Lodge and must be submitted to the Awards Chairman, Lodge Chief, or Lodge Adviser before the end of November.

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