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“For he who serves his fellows, is of all his fellows greatest”


An individual must have conducted at least 5 elections in one year.

1st Year
Carl Johnson
Kip Davis
Zach Nielson
Medicine Bear
David Garcia III
David Garcia Jr.
Brian Chavez
Dan Grieser
Medicine Pipe
Kyle Schultz
Michael Schultz
Duane Metcalf
Dave Reynolds
Running Antelope
Ben Beese
Kelli Mathues
Spirit Eagle
Scott Smith
White Buffalo
Eric Lantz
Tammy Tunis
Dustin Casper
Jonah Ausbun
Trevor Lantz
Sam Fruitman
White Eagle
Anthony Shields
2nd Year
Medicine Pipe
Russ Larson
Spirit Eagle
Kyle Pearson
Michael Pearson
Andrew Schmidt
Greg Schmidt
White Eagle
Dan Shields
Nicholas Shields
Shane Todd
3rd Year
Tanden Hovey
Medicine Bear
Chris Severns
Medicine Pipe
Kristopher Breth
Norman Breth
4th Year
Running Antelope
Rudy Reynolds
5+ Years
Mike Dunn (7 years)
Stacey Mullen (10 years)
Mike Siefkes (13 years)
Running Antelope
Dori Hammer (8 years)
Spirit Eagle
Tim Benson (13 years)
Jim Sanders (14 years)