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Uncas Award

“For he who serves his fellows, is of all his fellows greatest”


An individual must have conducted at least 5 elections in one year.

Uncas Award.png
1st Year

Grey Wolf
Ryan Ausherman
Logan Thwaites
Eric Heppe

Medicine Bear
Jim Kerick
Brooks Athen

Medicine Pipe
Sam Greene
Frank Moore III

White Buffalo
Anthony Muller
Dominic Muller
Tim Brackett

Mystic Raven
Thomas Pulioff
2nd Year

Grey Wolf
Ben Brunner
Kate Patton
Lorraine Patton
Michael Shearer

Medicine Bear
Sammy Kerick
Medicine Pipe
David Ramirez
Enrique Ramirez
Joel Nishida

DJ Dickey
3rd Year

Grey Wolf
Aspen Heppe
Teri Farnsworth

Medicine Bear
Xander Athen
4th Year

Grey Wolf
Elijah Brunner
5+ Years

Micah Marner (5 years)
Brian Gillogly (5 years)
Joseph Schwall (5 years)
Brendan Schwall (5 years)

Duane Metcalf (10 years)

Tim Benson (19 years)
Jim Sanders (19 years)
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