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Troops, Crews, and Ships can request an election to be held by their chapter. The OA Election season is from February to May.

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Lodge Dues

Tahosa Lodge requires an annual fee of $25 for its members. 

Wear the patch, pay the dues!


If you have been elected to the Order of the Arrow, then you need to attend an Induction Weekend to complete your Ordeal.


Induction Teams

It takes a big team to put on an induction team, including enlangomats, ceremonalists, a service team, as well as many other people!

Learn more below.

Ordeal Members

You have completed your Ordeal weekend, now what?

Learn more about what an Ordeal Member is and how you can provide cheerful service.

The Road to Brotherhood

Are you ready to continue the journey to Brotherhood?  Have you been an active Ordeal member for 6 months?

Vigil Members

You have been bestowed the highest honor in the Order of the Arrow.

Learn more about what this honor means and how you can continue to give to the Lodge.

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