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Ordeal Members


Dr. E. Urner Goodman, founder of the Order,

once said "Qualities of character like cheerfulness and service are hard for a boy or man

to understand in the abstract.  They come easier when seen in human life." 

Your experience during the Ordeal should enable you now to give

the leadership your unit wants and expects from you. 

For this reason, your first duty as an Arrowman is to continue to expand your service to your unit. 

The success of the Order of the Arrow in your unit depends mainly on what you do individually. 

Your example of cheerful service in camp and at unit meetings is the spark that brings that spirit to life!

Start your journey as an Arrowman by completing the Jumpstart training.  Click the image below.

After 6 months of active service as an Ordeal member and fulfilling the requirements below, a member may take part in the Brotherhood ceremony, which places further emphasis on the ideals of Scouting and the Order of the Arrow.

Completion of the Brotherhood ceremony signifies full membership in the Order of the Arrow.

See Dates

Complete the following before your Brotherhood Ceremony:

1.Memorize the Signs of the Ordeal

  • The Obligation of the Order, which you received from Allowat Sakima (printed on the back of your membership card and in your OA Handbook)

  • The Order of the Arrow Official Song

  • The Admonition

  • The sign of Ordeal membership

  • The Arrow clasp

2. Advance your understanding of the Ordeal

  • Gain a thorough understanding of the Ordeal through which you have passed.

    • Complete the OA Jumpstart website.

      • Send an email if you don't know the password, include your first and last name and the Chapter you are in.

    • Reading through the ceremony script, or visiting another Ordeal to observe the ceremony are good ways of doing this.

3. Serve Your Unit

  • Retain your registration in Scouting

  • During a period of 6 months, strive to fulfill your Obligation by continuing and expanding your service to your unit.

4. Plan for service in your Lodge

  • Retain your registration in your Order of the Arrow Lodge and keep your dues paid.

  • Be aware that acceptance of Brotherhood membership involves a pledge of service to the Lodge. Develop a concrete plan on how you plan to fulfill this pledge.

  • Serve in a Chapter, Lodge or Section Leadership position in available.  See the Lodge Organizational Chart on the Who we are page.

  • Serve as a staff or ceremony member at a Lodge event.

  • Attend monthly Chapter meetings. See the Chapter Pages for more details.

5. Review your progress

  • When you earnestly feel that you have met the above 4 challenges, write a letter to your Lodge.

  • In this letter:

    • Explain what you think the Obligation means.

    • Describe how you have been fulfilling this Obligation in your unit and in your daily life.

    • How you have used your understanding of the Ordeal to aid in this service.

    • Describe your specific plans for giving service to the Lodge.

  • Bring this letter to your Brotherhood ceremony or click here to email it to the Lodge.

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