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Section, Regional, and National Leadership

The Order of the Arrow is organized on four different main levels; National, Region, Section, and Lodge. Everyone is a part of the Nation and therefore is under national policies and procedures, led by the National Chief and National Vice Chief. Underneath that there is the region, there are two regions within the Order of the Arrow; Gateway and Eastern. Tahosa Lodge falls under the Gateway region. Regions are responsible for keeping in contact with sections making sure that policies and procedures are implemented correctly, and hosting smaller-scale events like the National Leadership Seminar (NLS) and Developing Youth Leadership Conference (DYLC), the Gateway region is led by that year's election Gateway Region Chief. Underneath them is the Section, Tahosa Lodge falls under Section G12S. The Section leadership directly works with different lodges, gathers information, hosts events, and gives that information to the Region. The most notable Section event is the annual Section Conclave which includes many different events including a main focus, shows, training, and culminates by electing the section leadership which includes the Section Chief, Section Vice Chief, and Section Secretary. 

2023-2024 National, Region, and Section Leadership:

David Gosik - 2024 National Chief

John Andrew Sagebeth - 2024 National Vice Chief

Jake Whitley - 2024 Gateway Region Chief

Caleb Foulks - 2023-2024 Section Chief

Joseph Schwall - 2023-2024 Section Vice Chief

Kate Patton - 2023-2024 Section Secretary

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